White House Reviews Names of Recipients of Unsolicited E-Mail on Health Care (VIDEO)

After a testy exchange between FOX News and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs over an e-mail list, the White House says it will review names of recipients who received unsolicited information to determine how they ended up on a distribution list sent out by the East Wing.

The White House on Friday was looking over a list of names submitted by FOX News of people who say they received unsolicited e-mails on health care from the White House, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign or his political organization, Organizing for America.

After a testy exchange Thursday between FOX News’ Major Garrett and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs over the e-mail list, the White House said it would review some of the names of recipients to determine how they ended up on the distribution list.

FOX News obtained permission from some of the e-mailers who sent their concerns to FOX News and forwarded them to the White House. No explanation has yet been received.

The White House maintains a massive e-mail list as part of its effort to promote its position on pressing issues. On Thursday, senior adviser David Axelrod used the list to send out a “chain” e-mail asking supporters of health care reforms backed by the administration to forward his rebuttal to criticism circulating on the Internet.

The mail offered reasons to support Obama’s agenda and tried to debunk what the White House decries as myths in the health care debate.

Axelrod wrote that opponents are relying on tactics including “viral e-mails that fly unchecked and under the radar, spreading all sorts of lies.”

“So let’s start a chain of e-mail of our own,” he said, inviting supporters to forward a message countering claims that Obama’s plans would lead to rationing, encourage euthanasia or deplete veterans’ health care.

But some people who received the e-mails directly from the White House forwarded them to FOX News and asked how they ended up on the list when they’ve never been in communication with the Obama administration. Some wondered if visiting the White House Web site automatically places them on an e-mail distribution list.

Gibbs told Garrett on Thursday that he couldn’t respond until he saw who received the e-mail because he doesn’t have “omnipotent clarity.”

Asked whether the White House seeks other pieces of information to identify those who might be curious about health care even though they have never signed up for e-mails or visited the Web site, Gibbs said he would have to see the e-mails to know.

Pressed to explain why he couldn’t answer, Gibbs said “Well, I hesitate to give you an answer because you might impugn the motives of the answer.”

“Why would you say that?” Garrett asked incredulously.

“Because of the way you phrased your follow up. I’d have to look at what you got, Major. I appreciate the fact that I have omnipotent clarity as to what you’ve received in your e-mail box today,” Gibbs said.

“You don’t have to have omnipotent clarity. You don’t have to impugn anything,” Garrett fired back. “I’m telling you what I got: e-mails from people who said I never asked anything from the White House.”

Ending the exchange, Gibbs said, “Let me go someplace else that might be constructive.”




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One response to “White House Reviews Names of Recipients of Unsolicited E-Mail on Health Care (VIDEO)

  1. Gina Bone

    Has anyone received an email from the White House that you have not signed up for? If so, have you contacted your Congressmen at all? Garrett is thinking that it might be because Congressmen are giving the WH that information.

    Personally, I think it is coming from that email address where you send “fishy” things about healthcare to the WH. If someone forwards and email to them then it usually shows a record of all recipients and senders! That is where they could keep getting them from! That’s just my opinion though!

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