The Cocaine Smuggling Ring Run From Prison

Just a little bit of Brittish news for ya!

A career criminal who masterminded a multi-million pound cocaine smuggling ring from his prison cell has been jailed for 18 years.

George Moon, 62, was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court after pleading guilty to using a mobile phone to order drug runs from central and south America.

He was caught after a surveillance operation led by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

When SOCA officers raided his cell at HMP Lindholme near Doncaster they caught Moon talking on his mobile phone.

They also discovered an improvised charger, a spare SIM card and a notebook detailing his international contacts.

SOCA know of at least 12 half-kilogram packages of cocaine that Moon sourced in Panama or Venezuela.

He then sent them on to the Irish Republic before organising henchmen to run his drugs into Britain.

Judge Bryn Holloway said the “sophisticated and well-organised conspiracy” beggared belief and raised questions over the controls on Moon.

The judge told the court: “An even more extraordinary fact was the South America end of this conspiracy was being run by an Englishman who was, at the time, a prisoner in Panama serving a sentence or awaiting trial.”

Mobile phones are valuable commodities inside jails – last year 4,000 were seized in prisons in England and Wales.

Brian Caton, of the Prison Officers Association, told Sky News: “The Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, neither has the wit nor the will to realise how serious the problem is.

“We can stop this vicious and dangerous practice by installing phone blockers at prisons.

“There are already some at high security prisons but they should be rolled out across the country.

“The way to do it is to lock down every prison for two weeks and search for mobiles everywhere, every cell, every prisoner, everything. Then use all the technology we have to stay on top of it.”

“It would cost the Treasury money but the benefits would be massive.”

Moon was already serving a 14-year sentence imposed in 2003 for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.



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