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Breaking: Man’s finger bitten off in fight at Los Angeles health care rally

Yesterday at a health care reform rally outside of Los Angeles, in Thousand Oaks California, A senior citizen had his finger bitten off by an Obama supporter during a fight.

The local station KTLA-TV reported the incidence and that it occurred where two opposing sides of the demonstration met.  One side of the group was sponsored by MoveOn.org and the other was a grassroots non organized gathering of American citizens concerned about the government’s implementation of  the massive liberty constricting bill.

Fox News reported that a man was wading through the counter-protest to get to the MoveOn side, when the 65 year old confronted the Obama supporter; he bit off the older man’s finger.

And KTLA-TV said that, “the elderly man took his detached finger to a local hospital for medical attention.”  But today on the Rush Limbaugh program, where Mark Stein was sitting in for the host, a caller spoke on the air and claimed that he was in the middle of it as well.  The caller said that he saw the elderly man’s finger get bitten off by the self-proclaimed pro-reformer.  The caller then helped the senior locate his finger and also helped to usher him from the crowd.

The left is losing this battle of truthful words, so it’s time to resort to violence.  We are witnessing more bussed in SEIU, and HCAN (ACORN, SEIU, and Congressional Black Caucus), Obama supporters and seeing evidence of highly organized HCAN, ACORN and MoveOn.org disruptors to muddy the water and intimidate the concerned American people.

For health care reform supporters such as HCAN a MoveOn.org is, the real question is, can they shout louder than the truth of the actual language in the legislation?




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