House votes to cut off ACORN funding

In a bi-partisan fashion, the House of Representatives voted to defund ACORN. In the past couple of weeks, several undercover videos were released, exposing ACORN employees advising individuals on how to file fraudulent taxes, run prostitution rings and much more.

The US House today joined the Senate in voting to defund ACORN, the community advocacy group beset by allegations of voter registration fraud and videotapes apparently showing employees advising conservative activists posing as a prostitute and pimp how to break the law.

The measure, offered as part of a motion on a student loan bill, passed by a vote of 345-75, according to the office of House Republican leader John Boehner.

The Senate voted earlier this week to withdraw housing and urban development funding. Last week, the Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN, which on Wednesday said it is suspending accepting new clients during an investigation.

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5 responses to “House votes to cut off ACORN funding

  1. Only student loan grants-but it is a start.
    How long will the show last before they won’t do anything anymore.
    Let us hope it is the tipping point as stated by one congressman.

  2. Jacksonian Lawyer

    “Only student loan-grants…”

    Rep. Darrell Issa’s amendment/motion to reconsider was contained *within* a Student Loands bill, but the amendment/motion ceases ALL government funding of ACORN.

    You can read the amendment/motion here:

  3. Karen Harden

    Well, at least it’s a start. !!

  4. Great-must have missed the full story.
    Then poor Nancy was in tears.
    Thank for the correction.

    • Jacksonian Lawyer

      No problem.

      Yes, whatever we will do with the tearful Madam? We best do as she says and “curb” our “enthusiasm” After all, it might lead to a murder. It’s fortunate that she doesn’t have such worries when it comes to her statist/leftist brethren. But…wait a moment…as I pointed out on my own blog….since the dear old Madam brought up Harvey Milk (and by default, Mayor Moscone), I felt it prudent to point out something she neglected:

      Dan White was a Democrat.

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