Obama Has Court Jan. 26th – Must Prove Eligibility – MSNBC Tries To Block News

This MSNBC Reporter was so incredibly rude to Mrs. Taitz!  She did not let her finish a thought ONCE in the entire conversation!  Orly is just so soft spoken and he took advantage of that and was able to talk over her.  He treated her like she was nothing but dirt; I commend her for going on that corrupt station to try and get the word out about this!

The real reason that they had her on there was not to actually report the news, but it was to shine her in as bad a light as possible.  They were reporting on the fact that the recent case was dismissed (in Georgia), but they did not mention the case that is coming up on January 26, 2010.  They tried to hide that fact, but Mrs. Taitz was able to get that in… good for her!

Keep up the good work Orly!!!



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