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Why Has the Terror Alert Level Not Been Raised?

Why has the terror alert level not been raised recently?  We have people in New York, Colorado, Texas, and Illinois trying to blow us up!,2933,555241,00.html,2933,555340,00.html

Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad that the FBI is going a good job in catching these guys.  I am just concerned because since Obama is in office there have been many more plots out there.  I also wonder how many other plots are out there that we don’t know about?  I hope that the whole CIA investigation that the Obama Administration is doing is not interfering with our ability to catch these plots.



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Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers

Thursday, September 17, 2009 Houston Cops Handcuff, Assault Man For Posting Obama Joker Flyers. A Houston man was handcuffed and assaulted by cops for posting anti-Obama flyers around his town, actions described as criminal vandalism by police and some local residents, despite the fact that giant pro-Obama murals are openly displayed in the same neighborhood for all to see.

21-year-old Mark Fuhre, an Alex Jones Show listener, decided to post the flyers even though the Infowars Obama Joker Poster Contest had ended, because he wanted to alert his neighbors to the cult of personality being manufactured around Obama and how the establishment is stifling any criticism of the President by constantly invoking racism.

Fuhre believed that he had a first amendment right to express his opinion, just as those that spray painted giant Obama HOPE murals in the same neighborhood had done without opposition. However, shortly after he began to post the flyers, a local resident voiced his anger that Fuhre had the temerity to exercise his freedom of speech and called the police.

They slammed me against the hood of my car, cuffed me, threw me in the back of the car, Fuhre told local news station KPRC.

He and his friend were later ticketed for criminal mischief and vandalism. The news report also quotes Kim Hammond of the Kingwood Democrats who slams the posters as graffiti, vandalism and an act of criminal mischief.

Whats deliciously ironic about the news report is that KPRC correspondent Carl Willis, while discussing Fuhres dastardly crime of criminal vandalism for posting anti-Obama flyers, stands in front of a huge 12 foot mural wall painting of Obama. The authorities didnt deem this to be criminal vandalism or dangerous despite the fact that Obama himself encouraged people to display similar images on stop signs and other federal property.

As we have highlighted before in the case of a Florida teenager who received similar harassment from authorities for posting the Obama Joker flyers, there is a flagrant double standard in place which dictates that only pro-Obama images are allowed to be displayed a chilling indication that citizens of the United States enjoy the same level of free speech rights as those in Maoist China or Kim Jong-Ils North Korea.

In the Florida case, authorities and the local media hysterically characterized the placement of Obama Joker posters as some kind of assault on the people of Clermont, creating victims and leading to demands for arrests and criminal charges against the teenager who posted them, a completely contrived outrage proven by polls that later showed the majority of residents supported the teenager.

Its the constitution of the United States, which is being forgotten, Fuhre told KPRC. Everyone should have their liberties.

It seems that everyone is entitled to their liberties, so long as they dont use them to dissent against the government, and in particular the contrived God-like untouchable facade being manufactured around negative depictions of Obama.

Fuhres friend sends us an e mail to tell us that Fuhre is still being harassed by the local community and media.

Im hoping you can reach out and let his story be known to the general public, because hes a good, strong patriot and a little outnumbered in this situation, he writes.…


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Ex-SEIU Boss Sentenced to 25 Years for Child Molestation, Porn

SACRAMENTO, CA – A former union official and California Department of Insurance employee was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison after entering no contest pleas to charges of child molestation, possession of child pornography, and manufacturing child pornography.

Jaime Enrique Feliciano, who served as a chapter president of Service Employees International Union Local 1000, which represents thousands of Sacramento-area state workers, had previous convictions for child molestation and failure to register as a sex offender.

In September 2008, investigators with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department initiated an investigation into Feliciano following a tip. Deputy District Attorney Lani Biafore said detectives recovered thousands of images of child pornography from Feliciano’s computers, as well as images of him molesting a young girl.

Biafore said Feliciano persuaded the girl and her mother to not report the crimes. Sacramento County sheriff’s investigators later identified the victim, who told authorities that Feliciano had molested her on numerous occasions.


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House votes to cut off ACORN funding

In a bi-partisan fashion, the House of Representatives voted to defund ACORN. In the past couple of weeks, several undercover videos were released, exposing ACORN employees advising individuals on how to file fraudulent taxes, run prostitution rings and much more.

The US House today joined the Senate in voting to defund ACORN, the community advocacy group beset by allegations of voter registration fraud and videotapes apparently showing employees advising conservative activists posing as a prostitute and pimp how to break the law.

The measure, offered as part of a motion on a student loan bill, passed by a vote of 345-75, according to the office of House Republican leader John Boehner.

The Senate voted earlier this week to withdraw housing and urban development funding. Last week, the Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN, which on Wednesday said it is suspending accepting new clients during an investigation.

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ACORN conspiracy against gun owners discovered

“ACORN has, since 1998, received an estimated $31 million in government funding,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. “Now they have intervened in a New Jersey gun rights case in defense of an illegal Jersey City one-gun-a-month ordinance that violates the state preemption statute.”

One example of ACORN’s gun control activism is when its officials intervened in an unsuccessful attempt to defend Jersey City, New Jersey’s local gun control ordinance, which was struck down by the New Jersey state court as a violation of state law preempting stronger local gun ordinances.

“ACORN has, since 1998, received an estimated $31 million in government funding,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb. “Now they have intervened in a New Jersey gun rights case in defense of an illegal Jersey City one-gun-a-month ordinance that violates the state preemption statute.”

“For the past few election cycles,” Gottlieb noted, “ACORN has clearly grown more partisan toward the political Left. ACORN’S PAC, in fact, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president, even though their tax-exempt status prohibits endorsement of political candidates. That’s hardly surprising since he used to serve as their legal counsel and he taught the group about community organizing. ACORN and Obama are lockstep in seeking to destroy our Second Amendment rights,” he stated.

“The organization is currently under FBI investigation over allegations of voter fraud in several states,” he added.

“Bad enough that ACORN is implicated in fraudulent activities in several states, but now an ACORN chapter in the Garden State is working against the ability of New Jersey gun owners to exercise a constitutionally protected individual civil right to own a handgun,” said former NYPD detective, Sid Frances.

“It is an outrage that this group has intervened to defend an antigun ordinance that has already been declared illegal by the court,” he observed. “So long as ACORN accepts one penny of public funding, the organization should remain absolutely neutral on social issues, political campaigns and especially legal actions defending the right to keep and bear arms.”

“We call upon the FBI to expand the scope of its ACORN investigation and focus on the group’s involvement in the Jersey City case,” Gottlieb stated.

“We support Ohio Congressman John Boehner’s request that the White House immediately block all federal funding of ACORN activities until this group’s questionable activities are fully investigated. We want to know how they are paying for attorneys, and why Seton Hall’s Center for Social Justice and the Public Interest Law Center are providing legal assistance to ACORN for this effort.”

“This is still the United States, not a socialist gulag,” Gottlieb concluded. “Public money should not be given to private organizations which then turn around and utilize that funding to usurp the electoral process and erode constitutionally guaranteed civil rights.”

The fact that the federal government would even consider using ACORN as part of its 2010 Census is cause for Americans to be very concerned.

Many political observers see something more sinister at play with Obama and ACORN’s interest in disarming law-abiding citizens.

“This gun control effort is part of an overall government takeover by the radical left who now control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The next part of the Obama-ACORN plan is a new military force separate from the US Armed Forces,” claims political strategist Mike Baker.

“Obama has called for a ‘civilian national security force’ as powerful as the U.S. military, comments that were ignored by the vast majority of the corporate media but compared by conservatives to the Nazi Hitler Youth,” warns Baker.

“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded,” said Obama during his presidential campaign.


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Breaking: Man’s finger bitten off in fight at Los Angeles health care rally

Yesterday at a health care reform rally outside of Los Angeles, in Thousand Oaks California, A senior citizen had his finger bitten off by an Obama supporter during a fight.

The local station KTLA-TV reported the incidence and that it occurred where two opposing sides of the demonstration met.  One side of the group was sponsored by and the other was a grassroots non organized gathering of American citizens concerned about the government’s implementation of  the massive liberty constricting bill.

Fox News reported that a man was wading through the counter-protest to get to the MoveOn side, when the 65 year old confronted the Obama supporter; he bit off the older man’s finger.

And KTLA-TV said that, “the elderly man took his detached finger to a local hospital for medical attention.”  But today on the Rush Limbaugh program, where Mark Stein was sitting in for the host, a caller spoke on the air and claimed that he was in the middle of it as well.  The caller said that he saw the elderly man’s finger get bitten off by the self-proclaimed pro-reformer.  The caller then helped the senior locate his finger and also helped to usher him from the crowd.

The left is losing this battle of truthful words, so it’s time to resort to violence.  We are witnessing more bussed in SEIU, and HCAN (ACORN, SEIU, and Congressional Black Caucus), Obama supporters and seeing evidence of highly organized HCAN, ACORN and disruptors to muddy the water and intimidate the concerned American people.

For health care reform supporters such as HCAN a is, the real question is, can they shout louder than the truth of the actual language in the legislation?


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White House czar urged ‘resistance’ against U.S.

When are our Congresspeople going to start asking questions about these czars???  They are slowly taking power away from them!  And they are communists…right in our White House!!!

Main speaker at rally sponsored by organization associated with Revolutionary Communist Party

JERUSALEM – President Obama’s environmental adviser, Van Jones, was the main speaker at an anti-war rally that urged “resistance” against the U.S. government, WND has learned.

The rally was sponsored by an organization associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party, which calls for the overthrow of the U.S. government and its replacement with a communist dictatorship.


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